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What is that Point? Stomach 36

Zu San LI

Leg Three Mile

What is that Point? Stomach 36 is located on the leg, just below the knee, one finger breadth from the anterior crest of the tibia. It’s that little bump on the bone just below the kneecap, then just to the outer part of the leg.

This point is a powerhouse, full stop. It has a long tradition of being used to extend life and fend off disease.

It mainly works through the Spleen and Stomach, as the Earth organs are responsible for building Qi and Blood. It also can dispel cold, brighten vision, regulate Nutritive and Defensive Qi, regulate the intestines, raise Yang, expel wind and damp, resolve edema, and strengthen deficient conditions of the body. Phew! That’s a lot.

This point is good for any kind of digestive issues, especially if there’s a deficiency component. This point also has a directional component to it, it can raise the Yang. But, if you use moxa, it can strongly descend Fire.

Because it works with the Nutritive and Defensive Qi, it can be used for allergies, asthma, and viral infections, including dizziness and feelings of weakness.

Stomach 36 is also great for pain in the knees and legs. It can expel damp and edema, so any kind of swelling is appropriate. It can even help with restless legs.

It’s also a great point for menopausal symptoms. Because it can move Yang, moxa on this point has been shown to reduce hot flashes.

The list goes on and on, about what this point can do. We’ve only brushed the surface here. But the next time you are getting a treatment and they use this point, you have a small idea about why.


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