Your first treatment lasts about 90 minutes. We chat a lot and explore your health history in detail. Some questions may seem strange or oddly specific. Try not to overthink your answers.

I will also feel your pulse and look at your tongue. These are important diagnostic tools in Chinese Medicine and help me choose the best treatment for you.

The needles are single use, sterile and as thin as a cat’s whisker. You might feel a pinch, a tingle, a zing, or a heavy sensation. Those sensations are good and mean we are activating your nervous system. However, if the sensations are too strong, you let me know and we will adjust it. It’s important that you feel comfortable so you can relax. Many people fall asleep or report feeling like they are floating during their 30 minute ‘needle nap’.

If it is appropriate for you, other modalities might be used, like a heat lamp or cupping. I will walk you through what to expect.
While you are relaxing, I write out a copy or your treatment plan for you to take home. This includes the number of treatments needed, diet recommendations, any herbal or supplement recommendations, pain management and stress control techniques.

At the end of your visit, we go over your personalized treatment plan and your recommendations together. I print out a lot of information for you to take home and review at your convenience.

It is very common to feel ‘blissed out’ afterwards and it might last for 12 to 24 hours.

Follow-up visits last about 60 minutes. We check in with your goals and your symptoms. Your feedback and input are important in this process, so that we can adjust and modify your treatments as needed.

I feel your pulse, look at your tongue and you get to relax and take a ‘needle nap’.

Returning treatments are where the magic happens and acupuncture is cumulative in nature. It takes time and repeated exposure to make lasting changes.

Each policy is different and coverage can vary greatly. I am happy to check your benefits and estimate costs. We can go over all of the options during your Free Consultation or shoot me an email.