Points For Stress and Anxiety in These Crazy Times

Points For Stress and Anxiety in These Crazy Times

Have I ever told you guys that I always get anxiety in Spring?

In Chinese Medicine it’s the season represented by the element Wood and belongs to the Liver and Gall Bladder. Because 99% of us are Liver qi Stagnant, we can feel it extra hard.

This can show up in various ways, depending on what else is going on, like nausea, neck and shoulder tension, teeth grinding, angry outbursts, sinus/allergy, changes in sleep, changes in bathroom habits, changes in your monthly cycle, headaches, tendon and joint pain, mental rumination, feeling frenetic, and it goes on.  The Liver is nicknamed The General for good reason, it keeps everything moving smoothly and everything in time.

To help address some of these symptoms that can get wacky in the spring, I thought I would go through some of my favorite points. These are points that I use in the clinic everyday and can be thought of as good points for stress and anxiety.

First up—YIN TANG

This point is located on your forehead between your eyebrows and is often compared to your third eye. Start low, between your eyebrows and slide your finger up just a little until you find a tender spot.

Acupressure works wonders on this point for headaches and sinus congestion, but also insomnia and overthinking.

Its functions are to calm the spirit and reduce pain, benefit the nose, and courses wind. Its called the Hall of Impression.

Acupressure is great here for anxiety and pain, but you can also lay a warm or cold wash cloth on your forehead. If you get into crystals, clear quartz would be perfect here to clarify your thoughts.

One of my favorite quick and dirty self treatments is to needle yin tang and put the heat lamp on my stomach for 20 minutes. That’s it, one needle and some warmth.

Simple can be beautiful and effective.

Next–Liver 3

Supreme Surge, is a point on the top of your foot, start in the web between your big toe and slide your finger almost to the top of the arch. There’s usually a pretty good dip at this point and I use it on you all the time in your treatments. It’s usually sensitive.

This magic point will be your best friend in the next couple of weeks, especially if you combine it with Yin Tang.

Liver 3 is one of the biggest qi movers in the body and is good for irritability, moodiness, depression, sighing and PMS. I use it for headaches, feeling stuck and bloated, especially below the belly button, dizziness and vertigo, insomnia, congestion and eye pain.

These are some of the most popular points in a treatment because they are so effective. Try them out, especially in the time of the CoronaCoaster.

Jennifer Fockler
Acupuncturist Chicago
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