Author: Jen Fockler L.Ac., Chicago Acupuncturist

Gratitude and Stress - Jennifer Fockler Chicago Acupuncture

Gratitude and Stress

Gratitude, what is it? How do you practice it? This is what I’ve been working on this Fall, personally. Of course, we talk about the

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Spring Flowers - Chinese Medicine Chicago

Spring Flowers 2018

This spring felt like it was a long time coming with our really cold weather in March. Now that we have some plants and trees

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Winter Skin - Jennifer Fockler Acupuncture

Winter Skin 2018

Winter is the season of the Kidneys. It’s dark and cold and hibernation is a natural response. In the northern climes, we like to stay

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Late Summer - Stomach and Spleen Season

Late Summer 2017

Can you believe its September already? Summer has flown by and now kids are going back to school and you can start to feel Autumn

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